S:t Eriks Winter Session IPA

A little Christmas present for you from us at S:t Eriks Bryggeri.

S:t Eriks Winter Session  IPA

S:t Eriks was ones of the first out with the style of Session IPA, that is, with the art of brewing fresh, easy-to-drink and very hoppy IPA. After successes at festivals, S: t Eriks Session IPA gained a place in the grocery store trade but also in the Christmas beer range. In Winter Session IPA, the delicious recipe continues, but with slightly more fullness and darker malt.

Tasting notes
Large fresh, fruity aromatic hop aroma with hints of ripe mango, citrus and caramel. The taste is very fruity with elegant balancing malt notes. The bitterness is determined without dominating. Aromatic aftertaste.

Serving tips
Serve at 8-10°. The beer goes well with all kinds of Christmas food, such as “prince sausages” and ribs.

STYLE Session IPA | COLOUR Copper Red | RAW INGREDIENTS Vienna malt and light and dark caramel malt. Hops - Mosaic, Citra and Cascade from the USA | ALCOHOL CONTENT 4.1% | SEASON | ARTICLE NO. 11362-03 (bottle 33 cl)

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