S:t Eriks Alkoholfri Ale

Premium alcohol-free beer.

S:t Eriks Alkoholfri Ale

For the first time in S:t Eriks’ long history, the brewery finally came up with an alcohol-free beer. In the usual spirit of gourmet beer, a tasty ale in modern American tradition has been produced here, lightly flavoured with grapefruit for a refreshing aromatic experience. The malt is a blend of pale ale, münchner and light caramel malts while the hops are highly aromatic citra and mosaic.

Tasting notes
S:t Eriks’ premier non-alcoholic beer smells and tastes fresh and juicy of citrus and grapefruit to a soft malt base with a touch of light toasted bread. In the aftertaste, the hop aromas remain in the form of tropical fruit and pine needles with a mild, refreshing bitterness.

Serving tips
Serve at 8-10°. Perfectly suited to both Swedish rich homemade food and well-seasoned Thai dishes. Not least a nice thirst quencher at lunch or after a workout.

STYLE American Pale Ale | COLOUR Foggy golden yellow | RAW INGREDIENTS Malt: Pale ale, Munich and light caramel malt - Hops: Citra, Mosaic Special Ingredient: Grapefruit | ALCOHOL CONTENT 0.5% | Grocery trade and Restaurants | ARTICLE NO. 9001-03 (bottle 33 cl)

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