A dry porter with robust taste.

S:t Eriks Klassisk Porter

S:t Eriks Klassisk Porter is, as the name implies, a top fermented classic porter brewed with German and a hint of American hops for a more complex tone. At the centre stands the malt, which consists of 100% organic black malt, caramel malt and a little wheat malt, which gives a little more body and also a nice foamy head when the beer is poured into a glass.

Tasting notes
A dry porter with roasted and nuanced malt with notes of coffee and nuts The taste is robust but also gentle from the wheat malt and the American hops add extra complexity and a light but noticeable bitterness.

Serving tips
Serve at 8-10°. Suitable for spicy dishes both beef and vegetarian or after the meal with a bit of dark chocolate.

STYLE Porter |COLOUR Dark, dark brown | RAW INGREDIENTS Malt: organic black malt, caramel malt, wheat malt - Hops: German and American | ALCOHOL CONTENT 5.6% | Local assortment, but can be ordered throughout the country | ARTICLE NO. 9019-03 (bottle 33 cl), Systembolaget 33524 (bottle 33cl)

St Eriks Bryggeri helgon prodsida

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