S:t Eriks Elderflower IPA

Elderflower has long been a favourite.

S:t Eriks Elderflower IPA

Swedish elderflowers as a flavouring in a highly hoppy IPA in the American west coast style proved to be a very suitable combination. After being introduced in a batch as experimental beer served at festivals and tap-take overs in the summer, today, at the request of customers, it is an appreciated IPA in our regular range. Swedish summer all year round, in a glass.

Tasting notes
Fruity with lots of elderflower. Elements of tropical fruitiness with citrus notes in both aroma and taste. Medium-bodied malt and a very crisp citrusy bitter with hints of mango, red apples and elderflower.

Serving tips
Serve at 10-12 °. This is an egotistical beer that is best enjoyed on its own. Simply dislikes anything that steals your attention from it. Tolerates like-minded company or some nice hard cheeses.

STYLE Fruity/Spicy beer | COLOUR Unfiltered straw yellow | RAW INGREDIENTS Pilsner and light caramel malt - Hops: Cascade, Citra, Columbus, Centennial and Simcoe – Special ingredients: Elderflower | ALCOHOL CONTENT 6.4% | SEASON Local assortment, but available throughout the country | ARTICLE NO. 8714-03 (bottle 33 cl), 8714-30 (keg 30 l), Systembolaget 31907-03 (bottle 33 cl)

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