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S:t Eriks Citra Pale Ale

A light, unfiltered, American Pale Ale (APA) with lower alcohol content and a distinct character of Citra hops. It became S:t Eriks Bryggeri’s first ale in a can in 2018. The modern malt composition with low bitter and mild mouthfeel provides an ale made for most occasions.

Tasting notes
The scent is aromatic and citrusy with hints of gooseberries, yellow lemons, ripe grapefruit and a little passion fruit and pine forest. The oat and wheat malt, plus being an unfiltered beer, gives a juicy and soft character with well-balanced, beautifully complex citrus-like bitterness.

Serving tips
Serve at 10-13°. Ideally suited as a social drink or for tasty home cooking. Also works well for Asian dishes.

STYLE American Pale Ale | COLOUR Light yellow, slightly hazy (unfiltered) | RAW INGREDIENTS Malt: Pilsner - oat and wheat malt - Hops: Citra | ALCOHOL CONTENT 4.5% | SEASON Year round. | ARTICLE NO. 8759-15 (can 33 cl), 8759-30 (keg 30 l), Systembolaget 1264-15 (can 33 cl)

St Eriks Bryggeri helgon prodsida

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