St eriks lager

An uncomplicated but still craft-brewed beer.

S:t Eriks Lager

A beer that is one of the cornerstones of S:t Erik's assortment; a classic light unfiltered lager. With a long and cold storage time, S:t Erik has now developed an elegant craft lager that shows the skill that the brewery possesses. A carefully selected malt builds a body that receives bitter and herbal aromas from the European hops. A cold beer to enjoy at a bar counter in town as well as at dinner with friends at home.

Tasting notes
S:t Eriks Lager has elegant herbs typical of Tettnang Mittelfrüh as well as a light aroma of light bread from the malt. The taste is dominated by malt and light bread, and the hops gently arrive at the end. Round and smooth mouthfeel, long aftertaste where the light heart balances it all into a refreshing experience.

Serving tips
Serve at 7-9°. Goes well with spicy and rich homemade dishes. Not least for festive herring, ham and smörgårdsbord dishes.

STIL Hantverkslager | FÄRG Disigt halmgul| RÅVAROR Malt: pilsner, vetemalt, münchner, carapils Humle – Tettnang Mittelfrüh | ALKOHOLHALT 5,1 % | SÄSONG Året runt | ARTIKELNR 82720-03 (flaska 33 cl) 9110-30 (fat 30 l)

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